Halloween Clocks

Halloween is an annual holiday which is celebrated on 31st October every year. This day is celebrated by decorating places with whacky Halloween clocks, ghostly costumes, carvings done on pumpkins called as jack-o-lanterns, playing nasty pranks and also by visiting haunted fun parks and attractions. These are basically witch parties, or scary parties where guests have to be dressed like ghosts and have fun. There are several types of decoration which can be done in these theme based parties.

Different Halloween Clocks Halloween Clocks:-

When this day comes, the whole house is decorated with Halloween stuff. But always it is observed that a few things in the house cannot be made whacky such as Halloween clocks, tables or doors. Where everything else looks scary so should the clock which will decide the time of the start of the Halloween day. There are various options that one can come across to decorate the basic clock and make it stand out in the house.

The options of decorating the clocks in your house can be:-

  • Spooky hanged man clock: - These are clocks which are very old and look extremely scary. In the place of a pendulum of the old grandfathers' clock, a dead man statue is hung and moves from left to right. The color of this clock is also very dull, like a dungeon, i.e. grey and dull yellow and looks very ancient. This is not made of any solid material, it's made of foam and can be hung anywhere in the room where it will attract many eyes. It is a tall clock somewhere close to 20 inches in height and is very appropriate for this occasion. The face of the clock instead of numbers has skulls and needles are knives. This is clock which might have originated straight from the minds of Adams' family!

  • Spider web clock: - This is a spooky spider web Halloween clock which is very large in size. It is made of fiber and has skulls which depict the numbers on the clock. The needles of the clock have spiders on the edges which keep on moving as the time ticks. This clock has a pendulum which has skulls hanging and moving left to right with red eyes. This will suit the taste of the people who have planned a party of an old 100 year locked house filled with spider webs and giant spiders.

  • Coffin clocks: - These are clocks which are made on a wooden coffin. This is a tall clock which needs to be hung not very high. As soon as an hour would complete, the coffin door would open and ghost would pop out. These are the spookiest clocks compared to any other clock. These are clocks which are available in most of the stores which are famous for Halloween decor.

  • Black bat Halloween clock: - How about starting your day with a spooky black Halloween bat clock? Well this is the spirit of Halloween. These are alarm clocks which have black wings and the dial of the clock is the face of the bat. They make weird sounds when the alarm rings and can scare you pretty much. These clocks can also be used while playing time based games in the Halloween parties at home.

  • The witching hour clock: - These are clocks which are also called as countdown clocks, generally available a week before the day of Halloween; these clocks denote the time which is remaining for the Halloween party or day to start. They come in a shape of a huge pumpkin (generally) or a witch-face and are digital clocks. They show the days, hours minutes and seconds remaining for the Halloween to come. Look very attractive as well as spooky at night, these are fun clocks!

  • Halloween ghost clock: - This is a simple ghost clock, generally seen at the kids Halloween party. This is a clock which has a scene of pumpkins, bats and ghosts. They are available in all bright colors, black and red being the most popular. Mostly these clocks are round shaped and not very big.

    Halloween clocks can be very whacky as well as creative. These can also be custom made if you have a spooky idea in your mind. They can be made very scary with some really bright or dull colors and some very amazing designs. A must have for every Halloween party; these decorative items can add a superb charm in the party.