Halloween Recipes

It is exciting to merge the “devil” theme with yummy food, and there can’t be a better occasion than Halloween! Be it monster fingers, cauldron curry or monster mucus. These names might sound creepy, but these food dishes hold a special importance. It is exciting to prepare food disguised as evil, and the recipe remains almost the same with some minor changes here and there. The Halloween recipes are now sought after world wide due to their popularity and appearance.

Simple food presented with a negative tinge is the main idea behind these recipes. Almost any simple dish can be used for this purpose and all you need is the eye to present it! Here’s an example how you can prepare a pickled brain! Take 2 to 3 heads of Cauliflower and place it in a glass jar. Boil a mixture of sugar, vinegar, salt, onion and water(in proportion), and pour it in the glass jar in which Cauliflower is placed. Cover the glass jar, and refrigerate it overnight. What you will see the next day would be your pickled brain dish ready, all set to be eaten. And it does look like a real brain, so beware before you actually scare a kid! Just as this pickled brain, you can prepare spinach skulls, noodle worms and what not!

You might have observed that the festival is a favorite among children and it can do them a lot of good, as they end up eating healthy food at the end of the day! All the Halloween recipes are in a way very nutritious, and the festival is the best time to feed kids who refrain from eating the right food.

Recipes for HalloweenHalloween is incomplete without Jack-o’-lantern(the pumpkin evil!). Either use a pumpkin to prepare it or use any other fruit, say orange. You can carve different faces on to it (funny, scary, emotional etc.) Decide the side you want to keep as the face. Then you can remove out the pulp, and mix it with apple, grapes etc., to make a fruit mash. You can now fill the orange with this pulp and carve different faces on it. You can also add toppings at the top to make it more attractive. If you can think of new ways to display the “evil” side of food, go for it. Well, the recipes are not just restricted to children, but expand to a variety of recipes such as punch recipes, drink recipes, dinner recipes, etc. You can read on to have a look at them and choose the one that you find useful.

Make sure that whatever you prepare should be made taking into account the health aspect. As mentioned, in the pickled brain recipe, you should not forget to refrigerate the mixture. As neglecting such small points can spoil the festival. Keep in mind the recipe you have followed and the precautions with it too.

You can celebrate the whole day, right from the morning breakfast to dinner ,experimenting various Halloween recipes at home. If you are a good cook and have better ideas to decorate, start experimenting! If you are unsure about anything just select the recipe type you want and get going! Do not miss the chance to impress your kids and family members with the innovative dishes you can prepare.

Halloween Recipes

Find below some of the Halloween recipe ideas you can try yourself which can get you moving on the path to Halloween!