Halloween Stories

There wouldn’t be any fun if you are not scared on the Halloween day. There has been a tradition of telling scary stories or watching horror movies during this festival. It does appear weird, but we humans celebrate the feeling of being scared also! Halloween stories have been an interesting part of this festival where people share creepy stories at night. It specially interests kids a lot.

Halloween Stories

You might have heard of the creepy stories as a kid, which might have scared you to the core! So, if you are gearing up for a story telling session this time, be ready with the creepiest story one has ever heard! Here is the one for you; The Sword.

Halloween Scary StoriesOnce Jane and Max were traveling to their home-town in the out-skirts of the city. It was raining heavily and suddenly there car broke down in the middle of the road. In-spite of continuous tries the car did not start and Max had to step out to check the car engine. He asked Jane to stay in the car. Few minutes later he realized that a mechanic should be called to fix it and decided to go in the city. It was almost midnight and dark. Both of them had heard of the stories of an evil spirit that used to wander on the same road every mid-night, who used to kill the people with his shining sword. Jane requested Max not to leave her alone, but Max did not pay any heed to her and went away. Jane stayed locked in the car for almost an hour and was about to fall asleep, when she suddenly heard a knock on the car door. She got out of the car thinking her husband might have returned. But, what she saw took the hell out of her! Her husband’s dead body was tied up side down to a tree and it was swaying to & fro with the wind. Scared to the core Jane tried to run away from the sight, and as soon as she turned, she saw a shining sword coming speedily towards her, and within a second she was on the ground all covered up in blood.

This was just one of the stories; you can make up many more stories like this. There is no fixed format or style of narrating a story, but to make the story telling sessions more interesting, you can have group story telling sessions, story telling competitions or just discuss creepy things for hours! You can also watch horror movies or videos together. Also, you can arrange for a horror play for kids along with story telling sessions, as it interests them the most! You can also write down scary stories on the spot and share them; hear a scary audio, and play a scary prank! But make sure that you do not cross the limit and end up yourself or others in trouble. Also, you should keep the audience in mind. If it involves kids you should be sensitive enough to understand their sentiments. If there is a patient, you should decide the approach accordingly. As, in the end, it is all about entertainment and fun. So, make sure that you keep it a safe fun activity!

There are so many scary books that are available in the market. Help yourself and pick up a scary book and read the content with your friends or family. Thrill yourself.

Of course, your story would be a success if it really scares the audience! Do not go with the same old stories, be creative and create new ones. You can also refer the stories listed above according to categories that could range from kids, starters, scary, and funny Halloween stories. Get an idea and gear up to take revenge by scaring the people who had scared you as a kid!