unicorn onesies

What do sizes mean in unicorn onesies for kids?

If you are looking for an incredibly fun way for participating in the game or party then the unicorn onesies costume is a good idea, you will feel more comfort and it is a full length bodysuit. This unicorn onesies dress looks as like a real costume and you can wear it anywhere where this onesies are not just costume used for parties but you can also use it for music festivals that give you a simple and elegant look. The unicorn onesies costume is made up of high quality flannel materials and change your unicorn costume is easy one because the dress contains the zipper design, moreover the dress also contains the pockets where you can store your required things. This eye catching and adorable animal one piece costume design has all features such as like teeth, nose for full effect and eyes along with the chest and matching tail designs are present in the unicorn costume these things gives a complete ultimate Cosplay look o the unicorn.

  • In which this unicorn costume gives a special blend of fun and comfort, when you wear this unicorn costume you will feel more soft touch due to the plush materials of the dress. In addition to this these costumes will keep you warm during the winter and cold seasons.
  • The button up closure present in the costume allows you to quickly get dressed up while the loose fits in the dress gives you the flexibility to easily wear over your existing jacket or clothes.
  • These unicorn onesies dress is available for both kids and adults just you need to know your size then you can just place your order in the online shopping sites where you can buy the high quality of unicorn onesies dress.
unicorn onesies

Sizes of the unicorn onesies costume

unicorn onesies

The unicorn onesies costume is available at all sizes and design patterns but all the dress contains the common features like nose, eyes, tail and horn but the colors of the dress may differ. The adult unicorn onesies is available at four categories namely small, medium, large and extra large starting from 4’ to 5’2. The kids unicorn animal onesies size is mentioned as per the age of the kids when the age of kids is about 2-3 then the unicorn onesies with height 5-40 will be suitable one and when the kid is of above 8 years then 52-5 inch unicorn height dress will be suitable one. Moreover these unicorn onesies dress are very easy to clean that allows you to wash the dress again and again and for achieving the best results it is recommended to clean the dress using in hand wash, make it lay flat to get dry and if needed iron the dress in low heat. Wearing this dress will not restrict your movement because the dress is of loose fit that leave you free to jump, play and dance the day away while it also has the added pockets to keep your mobile phones, keys and wallets nearby when you need them. If you are really interested in unicorn onesies, why not try to go to wowpajamas to get it?