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latest news and tips on halloween

Many people must have organized their schedules in order to celebrate the “All Hallow Day”, with the upcoming Halloween feast. Every year, most of us look for new ideas and tricks to make this celebration more attractive and truly festive. The planning of parties, parades and bonfires on October 31st have already started in social circles. Thus, you must catch up with the latest news and tips on Halloween to make your holiday fill with surprises and amazement.

latest news and tips on halloween

It is a traditionally celebrated festival amongst the Celtics in Ireland to offer prayers and food to the dead ones. October traditionally denotes the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of a long dreadful winter. People had to store the food supplies and basic necessities to survive thorough the winter. The religious beliefs in this region were mostly based on the paganism, who believed that the dead souls enter earthly life on an October night. Thus, this festival was started in order to offer food and drinks to the dead, so they would stay away from destroying human life by causing illness, deaths, droughts.

Latest Halloween Costume IdeaCurrently, the form of Halloween and the ideas behind the celebration have undergone a big change. Nowadays, it is celebrated as the second largest holiday in the United States. People mock and imitate the infamous ghosts and witches by wearing costumes and enjoying special recipes. Here, we are going to have a look at the latest trends in the celebration of the dreadful October night.

latest news and tips on halloween

Latest Costumes for Halloween

The most important highlight of the parties thrown for Halloween is the costume. To mark your presence and be different in the crowd, you have to select an impressive and trendy cloths to wear. The currently popular ideas are wearing attires of superman, snow-man or avenger’s heroes, and this year’s most flirty costume is the sexiest big bird costume for adults. For kids, there is amazing collection of 2012 costumes of angry birds, characters of star-wars and wicked cartoons.

Party Themes and Decorations

If you want to bash a memorable Halloween party for year 2012, go for a creative and scary party theme. After that, you can plan for a decoration which highlights the main parts of the chosen theme. Popular ideas are Gothic style. Scene from hell, Hollywood ghosts and haunted house. You have to arrange suitable attires, backgrounds, masks and cuisines to celebrate the selected theme.

Best Halloween Makeup TipMake-up Tips

The newest makeup trend for 2012 Halloween is to use darker shades and bright hair-colors to give a scary look to the audience. Apart from specialized hair-dos and face painting, you can try the tattoos and piercing to look scary in the parties. Also, contrast make-up and bold accessories is popular in the market.

Popular Food Recipes

The latest food recipes include pumpkin cookies or roasted pumpkin seeds, potato ghosts, monster sticks, red pumpkin and tomato dip, etc. Blend the ingredients in such way that it will give the dish a frightful look and delicious taste. Also, you can go for a theme-based cooking.

Games and Activities

As the celebration usually focuses on the kids, the games and activities for Halloween play an important part. You can go for short plays, quizzes and puzzles on the specific ghost story or plan a game based on famous cartoons. Activities may include: painting pumpkins, enacting witches and superheroes, scary tours, etc.

Ghostly Tales for Halloween

The gatherings taking place on this occasion are the best places to share some scary tales. You can go for frightening and mind-blowing true stories of scary animals, flowers and mysterious people in the party. Also, few of the popular tales are about the foot-prints of huge man, real witches and haunted places.


Haunted Movies for Halloween
Considering the upcoming Halloween, many producers have planned to release horror movie releases around the end of October. The must-watch movie list consists of House at the end of the Street, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania(Animated movie), Paranormal activity 4 and Silent Hill 3D. Apart from these, many horror movies are awaited in this Halloween.

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